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I have a question, Can infinite flight be played on a Amazon Kindle? Or even a kindle in general?

No. It’s for IOS and Android only

I don’t think so…

I don’t think so unfortunately 😬. I don’t think the kindle has the google play store. Which means you wouldn’t be able to download it.

I think mine does it’s just my iPad is broken and my other phone is missing so

May need to summon the great schyllberg then 😂. He’s usually pretty good with this stuff.


Yeah mine is I believe a 2016 device and I do k ow anything before 2019 should be fine

Schyllberg is chill like that like whip doesn’t fw him?

Tsk you shouldnt be playing when you should be reading…

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No… I don’t even know why you would think that. The kindle has 32-bit processor, unlike the 64-bit one you need. It does not have a play store so you can’t download Infinite flight. It does not have a supported operating system using Fire OS.

The thing is basically a potato.

We have not supported any Amazon devices using their store since 2017.

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Yeah and i mean they arent even meant to handle games

Ok rn kypu I will just try to fix my other device

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