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Hi everyone,

I am planning on buying my little brother his own mobile phone so he can play IF instead of borrowing mine all the time. With my current budget, the options I have are:

Samsung Galaxy A04 4GB/64GB
Redmi 10A 4GB/128GB
Infinix Note 12 6GB/128GB

My question : Can anyone confirm (preferably with screenshots) that these devices do in fact support IF with atleast medium graphic settings?

As is the case with the Galaxy A02 which I read in another post, I don’t want to end up buying a device just to find that it does not support IF, or that it has very low performance specs that only supports low graphic settings.

As always, thank you for your support and I look forward to reading your comments.

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Check out this topic:

You can skim through and try to find your phones or better ones in the same price range.

Edit: These are also the minimum device specs for android.

Your can find them here:


Skip this one. It’s not supported.
The other two have the base requirements from what I can tell. Can’t say much of performance though, but the app is possible to install on those.


From a performance only standpoint, purely looking at device specifications, the Galaxy A04 looks to be the more powerful of the 2 devices. Lower screen resolution should also make it a little more performance friendly. However I would not expect on either device to have a fun, playable experience. These are both the absolute base of what is compatible with the simulator.

You might have more luck looking at a second hand flagship device. Pixel 3, Samsung S10, iPhone 8/ X if you can get one within your price range. All of these, age considering, will perform better than both the Note 12 and A04.


Thanks for the input. So how about the Galaxy A23? A bit over my budget but i’ll manage if it gives a better performance for IF.

@Dan_77 I appreciate your options, but I want to buy him a brand new phone, rather than a used one so that it lasts longer and I can be certain there is nothing broken or changed from the inside.

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