IF Developers to Start Sharing Release Dates (probably getting closed)

This feature calls for IF developers to start giving us ideas of when something will come out. It doesn’t even need to be that specific. Just give us a month and maybe the beginning/middle/end and we will so much happier.

IF has tried this before, and due to the fact that people complain that it hasn’t come out by the estimate release date it won’t be happening.

There’s a reason why this doesn’t happen. @schyllberg posted a reply to someone asking the same thing yesterday (don’t remember where, please provide a link if you find it). I think it had to do with the scenery. They announced a release date, and then they discovered bugs and had some setbacks and pushed the release date a couple times. People complained, the end.

Edit: See @TimShan05’s linked post above

If you think a topic is going to get closed, don’t make it.


IF doesn’t give their developers deadlines, so it would be very difficult for this to work.

Like @TimShan05 said they have tried this and people complained so they don’t do this

Infinite Flight Staff member @schyllberg commented on that not too long ago:

It’s absolutely understandable that there are users who wish to have a firm release date. The problem with this is, that it sets deadlines to the developers. And if they have to move the release due to unforeseen circumstances during the development process, it’ll disappoint many users. Not having a fixed release date also gives the developers more flexibility with certain features. Remember the A330 soft rework? If there would’ve been a fix release date back then, the soft rework wouldn’t have been included in that update.

Sometimes good quality takes time. And it’s often better to allow developers some flexibility instead of rushing them to release a product on a fix date.