IF dev team, thank you!

I just want to pay my respect and gratitude to the IF dev team and to the IFC 😊 Thank you!

I have been away from IF for a while. The reason being a busy life really, with a 2-year-old daughter at home. Also because I wanted to explore the world of desktop flight simulators (again).

I realized I missed IF, and now I’m back! Obviously, Infinite Flight doesn’t have the systems depth and the immersion like the desktop flight sim alternatives have, but IF just works. With IF I can quickly setup a flight and just enjoy flying, without the hassle of constantly tweaking settings and messing with addons like on a desktop simulator. And should I have a problem or question, then the IFC is here to help 😊

And coming back to IF, I was pleasantly surprised by the new features, like VNAV, very nice indeed! And I feel excited about the upcoming new features.

So again, thumbs up and thank you 👍


Välkommen tillbaka :)


Nice Swedish :)

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Tack! @schyllberg

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Would be rather weird otherwise since it’s what i speak 95% of the time ;)


Nan tamil pecukiren.

Great post. Appreciation always wins


I agree. IF is so amazing because you can still have a realistic experience without the hassle of desktop sims. And IF continues to get better and better and add more things to the sim to make it great. And the IFC just brings it all together, with people that are always willing to lend a hand.

Great to see you’re back!

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Thanks! @Butter_Boi

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