If denied entry.

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So I’m fairly new to Expert server, one month Grade 3, hence there might be some, or many, rules I may not be familiar with, and I would like to know how to respond to them. One of them being denied entry.

So the situation is this, I lift off from this airport for patternwork and the tower lets me know patternwork is not accepted and hands me over to Approach. Approach tells me that the airport I just lifted off from is too busy to accept incoming traffic. I have no FPL as I was intending to do patternwork.

So in this situation what are my options?


You should change your FPL to another airport and ask Approach for Radar Vectors/Flight Following to that airport.


This is a mistake i did that a really regret doing, fly to the nearest airport land or do pattern work there, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the busy airports traffic you should be fine.


This means that the airport is full and you can not do the pattern, so follow the instructions and head for another airport. Very important : if the tower tells you " no pattern work accepted ". Do not be smart, do not require approaches to the same airport when contact controller approach.
we know that always We communicate with each other


That’s where I’ve been going wrong then. I’ve been contacting Approach for vectors to the same airport when denied patternwork, I thought the meaning of no patternwork just meant the Tower was passing the responsibility to Approach. I’ll write it down in my notebook and won’t do that in future.


It in basic term means you can’t stay in the pattern and land there anymore. And so when switched over to app you should then make a FPL to another airport and request Flight Following or Radar vectors etc.

Being denied entry means that the airport is full though so no one can land there.

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