IF Debrief

So I was looking at my stats and noticed something weird.

Looks pretty normal at first right. But I didn’t remember ever flying this route, so I went to logbook to verify and sure enough, I had never even started a flight at this airport.

Any ideas how this could have happened?

Maybe you got disconnected midflight? or maybe CS Trolling?

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You did it 7 times on February 21st this year. Make sure you look at the Live Logbook and not replays or similar.


But I did only 5 flight on this day, could the logbook in-game be the problem?

Grab a screenshot from that page of your logbook and paste here :)

Full page please. Need to make sure you’re on the right place :)

Ooops, my bad.
February 23rd. I was thinking 2021 and then it all got jumbled in my head… sleep deprivation.


then u better sleep lol

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Wish i could, but working ;)


Oh, it appears we all suffer from it because it was just here, thanks for the help anyways

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