IF Debrief question


I was checking my IF debrief and I love it. There is only 1 thing that has an error. My longest flight I believe was KDFW/YSSY and this screenshot says EHAM-EHAM😂.

Any ideas?


Cpt. Young

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It’s looking at the starting and ending point for one single session. So it doesn’t necessarily mean your longest individual flight is displayed.


Oh ok. Perhaps I was doing pattern work…idk. Thanks for the help

More likely you started a session at EHAM, flew to various places without ending flight and then landed at EHAM.


Makes sense. Have a good one!

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The other question I am querying is the first flight date on IF.
Mine is a year earlier than I thought (2018 as opposed to 2019).
Is this include non pro subscription?
It’s only in 2019 I first bought a pro sub and joined the IFC.

You had a subscription in May 2018 and then again in October 2018?

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Right so I did purchase a monthly subscription for May for the first time for only 1 month and again in October 2018?
You can see my monthly subscriptions paid on my account going back? Interesting😃. I know I did take a 5 or 6 months break in 2019 before resuming and have been since hooked.
Thanks @schyllberg

You bought your first in May 2018. Not March :)

And yes, we can of course see purchase history that relates to Infinite Flight.

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I just corrected the month just before you posted lol
Very interesting!
The data you hold on each user is very invaluable!
It’s pretty scary how much data there is out there without realising

Yep, same here, At first I was wondering why my longest flight was Honolulu to Wrightstown till I remembered that I did a 1 day, 21 hour flight around the world 😂

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