IF crashing

Why does my IF keeps crashing when i am doing long haul flights???😡😡

Check out this page:

It has a bunch of useful tips that should help you improve your performance. Cross check what’s there against your own settings.


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do short haul flights…

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Along with the tips listed in the official IF guide:

If your long haul has a significant westward component, point the tail camera at the sky and set it to 20 minutes after sunset once you reach cruise (or whenever you don’t need to touch it anymore). This works fine because you are flying with the sun and thus it will probably still be night when you land. Saves battery and stops the game from rendering the ground which may be costly.

If your long haul has a significant eastward component (or is direct north/south), the tail camera will not work because the sun will come up before you land and then you have high device stress. In this case, while at the gate, set one of your interior drones to a piece of the aircraft that is all black. I find that you can find small sections of this on the underside of cockpit components (ie seats). This will ensure your device displays only a black screen for the entirety of cruise, which accomplishes the same task.

Hope this helps! This allowed my old iPhone 6S to do a 91 hour flight without crashing and has allowed my new iPhone 12 and iPad Air 5 to go hundreds of flights without a single crash.


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