IF crashing

Hi, I would like to say something about Infinite Flight crashing on the last 15 Flights I have done over 7 hours. I still get flight time but I don’t get exp or landings. I would really like this to be fixed and please remark to this as soon as possible because I am starting to play IF less because of this.

Thanks, TheAirborneShep

If you’re on IOS check this out.
And if not, lower your graphic settings. And have a stable wifi connection. Should help. If you have an older device 2 years or older really that could also be the issue.

I Just got a new IPad Air with 264 Gigs so that cant be the problem.

Please read this

Exactly which iPad Air model?

Ok I set all of the settings to what the article said and I am going to try a flight ASAP and see if it works.

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The IPad Air 2 264 gigs

That device is very much affected. The Air 2 have a few years and lowering graphics is recommended. You maybe won’t need to lower it to the absolute lowest, but have at least everything set to medium.

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Ok @schyllberg Thanks for recommending that.

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