IF Crashing

When I got to game and get on a airport on solo or live flight when I am on ground IF lags and when I airborn IF crashes and get me to my home screen I have used 12 GB of space on my iPad and nothing is open on background but still Help!! Please.


iPad Mini 2
Storage 32 GB
Used 12GB of 32GB

Try restarting your device, if that doesn’t work, delete and reinstall Infinite Flight.

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Hello try this.

  • Turn Limit Frame Rate ON (box should be ticked) if you notice that your device tends to heat up or if you are experiencing lag. A device that heats up too much is more likely to suffer performance degradation which could lead to lag and app crashes.
  • Infinite Flight doesn’t take up a specific amount of storage, it can change depending on the area you’re flying in etc. We therefore recommend that you always have at least 1GB of storage available on your device.
  • Before longer flights, it is advised to reboot your device and close any apps running in the background to enhance your experience.
  • It is possible to fly and charge the device at the same time. The key to this is to use less power than being charged. One way to accomplish this is lower your screen brightness and ensure Infinite Flight’s low power mode is enabled.
  • Disable active ad or message blocking apps
  • Don’t modify, “Root”, or “Jailbreak” your device
  • Use a strong WiFi network within a relatively close proximity to your device
  • Lower Infinite Flight graphics and performance settings
    • Lower the Rendering Resolution setting
    • Lower the Rendering Quality setting
    • Disable Anti Aliasing

This is in the Support FAQ 2019 - Please read this before posting! - #22

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Thank for helping me both @PilotDog and @Sashaz55


I use in Ludicrous mode why can’t I use that mode I got enough space!! @Sashaz55

It isn’t only the space, you’re device may not be able to handle those settings


Find your device and recommended settings here:

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I also have a spare iPad mini 2 that I run IF on (although it’s just 16GB!). Typically the game will crash due to the memory filling up. The best thing to do is delete all your replays and other apps while operating on the lowest tolerable settings.

Since the graphics update in 19.1 there hasn’t really been a graphics option that results in acceptance looks/performance for the iPad mini 2. It’s a complicated issue but essentially it comes down to the fact that screen resolution is tied to the other graphics parameters, whereas before 19.1 it was an independent setting. Resolution was also changed to be a fixed pixel number and no longer a % of the screen pixels. In short, these factors hurt older devices with larger screens (such as ours).

I’ve been in contact with staff about this over the past few months and yesterday they informed me the next update will make resolution an independent setting again! This should help a lot with your current issue, lmk if you have any questions

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An IPad mini 2 is quite an old device. I’d say try good or best.

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