IF Crashing

IF has been crashing a lot, it tells me that there is not enough memory space even though there are 12 gb free

Is it saying that the device memory is low?

yes it does

Try this before launching Infinite Flight:

  • Hold down your power/lock button until it says “Swipe to turn off”
  • Hold down your home button until you’re returned to the home screen.

That should kill all the other background processes and apps except for iOS itself. It can’t get much more RAM optimized than that.


This happened to me. You want to make sure that there are no apps running in the background. Then just before you do a flight either turn your device completely off by holding down the power button and restarting it, or by holding the power button unitl it says to slide to power off and then hold the home button until you are back on your home button. This will make sure that there is nothing running on your phone besides IOS and infinite flight.

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By the way, device storage and device memory have nothing to do with eachother the don’t impact eachother at all

Also what @anon7075715 . You can do this before every flight to give you the best experience!

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I have tried exactly what you said but the app is still crashing before i have a chance to taxi

Ok, I’m going to need more information such as:

  • Device

  • Operation System

  • Infinite Flight Appstore Model

You said you have the new iPad Air but then edited it out??

Make sure to be on the latest IOS and latest Infinite Flight APP

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If the device memory is low you are sort of low on options.

  • Killing running processes using memory (Twitter, Facebook, etc) These all constantly poll and take up resources
  • What are your IF graphics settings? If they are too high for your device, you might run into issues.
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well RIP my 13hr flight just crashed on final bc of the device memory thing

@Casp959er73 You are more active on screen on final and there are other aircraft’s… so you have more chances of device crashing on final. Departure you only started game so you might have more resource ex. memory. Try to do what’s been recommended. Post device screenshot for people to give better advice.

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