IF crashing

I have done a few flights in the past couple of weeks. I have had the app crash 5 times. I cannot find a reason it crashes, but it usually crashes at 1:23-1:24 in. I have had it happen in an a319, 777-200LR, amd the crj 900. I have my airplane rendering set at high, with everything else being set at medium. I do not have it on anti alysisng or however you spell it. I am running an IPad Air with IOS 11.4I am running no background apps, low brightness, no mini map, low power mode, etc. I think the only clue I have is that it is crashing to the lock screen and not just to the home page. Any ideas on what may be causing it?(weather it is the iPad or IF). All the times the game has crashed except one was at around 1:20into a flight. I have restarted my IPad too. I did have a two week break from crashes, but now I’m at 3 for 3. For the photo, note the last 3 flights (excluding the 0 minute one)



There may be a setting that has your iPad turn off after an hour and that could be what’s causing it. Check to see if your iPad can update to the latest iOS version (I believe it’s 11.4), and see if that helps.

It is set on never to lock and also sorry it is on 11.1.4

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The latest version is 11.4. See if there is an update available.

If you have lock on it won’t change anything I don’t believe. If the app is currently running it won’t turn off. That’s why you don’t have to tap the screen when watching youtube or netflix because the app is running.

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I figured, but I just wanted to check. It’s almost always the things you least expect. 😉

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Yeah sorry correction to the correction it’s 11.4

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Ok. I would restart your router and device. Sometimes a restart can help “clear” the device.

It has been restarted

I had this issue until I updated my iOS to 11.4 which you’ve already done. Have you tried deleting the app and reinstalling yet?

Also, how much available storage do you have? Do you have all aircraft downloaded?

I haven’t tried delating and reinstalling yet…I think thats next if there is no obvious solution.
There is 24 GB left, all the airplanes are downloaded.

Do you have orientation lock on?

Okay that’s good to know. Try deleting the app, restarting your device then reboot and reinstall Infinite Flight.

lll post what happens after a two hour flight if I make it that long. If i do, I will do a longer flight tomorrow

No. I’m not doing 24+ G turns in a F22 :)

It’s worth having it on, some people have had their issues solved by turning it on. You might aswell try it alongside what Chris said to do.

I reinstalled and did a flight. It didn’t crash at the usual time, but I’ll do a long haul tomorrow to check to make sure it works. Any ideas on why this occurred?


I know that you have said that you enabled “Low Power Mode”, but what about “Limit Frame Rate”?

Yes that is on too…I thought they were both related…but yes, the limit for the frame rate is on

I’ve had this. I had to re-install IF to fix it.