IF crashing over 3 hours

Hello, my device keeps crashing when I am flying for over 3h. I have my graphics down, my phone case off, brightness down and low power mode on. I had no “device memory low” messages and my device was cool enough. It’s an iPhone 6 with about 9gb storage free and 1gb ram. It keeps happening whenever I try to do a medium / long haul.

Does anyone know why this happens, and how to resolve it?

Are you aware if you are getting any notifications from apps other than Infinite Flight when this happens? Have you tried with Airplane Mode On and WiFi ON?

It could also be the fact that the iphone 6 is very old, i used to have one, and then it started struggling on flights over 5 hours, and or near a busy airport. I ended up upgrading and haven’t had any issues… I don’t think the solution to this is gonna be cheap. But we hope it is

I put my phone on do not disturb when I fly, so if I do it doesn’t effect me.

I’ve managed to do one 9h flight and one 15h flight on an iPhone before, but anything over 3h it bottoms out even when it’s fine.

Yea i used to do 21 hour flights. Then it started struggling with 5 hours. On an iphone 6 maybe 4 months ago so, but just saying it’s probably because of hold the iphone 6 is.

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