IF Crashing On ULH Flights

I think it’s just because it’s an old device, as IF adds more updates more and more devices will have troubles running it. It’s the unfortunate truth.

But you have done multiple flights of similar length and no problems, were those before or after 19.3?

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Infinite Flight shouldn’t crash because of the high-resolution scenery, since you have already flown with the scenery before the update. (Unless you have thought of flying all around the places without the global scenery).

Anyways, what do you mean by ULH lights?

I’ve done 4 flights around that duration since 19.3 and 2 of them crashed. I did dozens before 19.3 was released without issues though.

Ultra Long Haul flights^ Since all the routes are nearly antipodal they used to pass through regions with and without 15m. Now they only go through regions with it so that could be putting more strain on the device.

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Does the issue happen when your device is just sitting there with IF open, or when you are actively flying?

When it’s just sitting there on AP.

I currently use a 2015 older iPad Air (1st Gen.), and my device runs well enough for any long hauls.

I have not tested the device for any ULH flights but I have simply connected it to the charger, lowered the brightness to the lowest option and that should really do.

And please keep your device away from sunlight.

Edit: There are plenty of ways Infinite Flight May Crash, especially that it’s ran by an older device.

Are you setting your brightness to the lowest?

I used to have this problem with the iPad mini 3 (Which I still use) but the problem just solved itself.

Your device could just be timing out, where the screen goes black and apps are set to running in the background. If IF runs in the background to long, it quits the flight. You can change this in settings so the iPad doesn’t Time Out while running IF. Or just plug your device in.

My device already turns off after a while when using anything else, but when using Infinite Flight while connected to the charger, the screen doesn’t time out.

The brightness was at the lowest setting. The iPad doesn’t auto-lock when it has IF open but where in settings can I change the timeout?

You can google “how to change screen timeout settings” and add your current software version, that should help. I have an iPad 17 so I really can’t help with the actual iPad settings because the iPads are years apart.

It’s the same thing as auto lock so that’s not an issue. Any other ways to optimize this?

I see you restarted your iPad before your ULH, but just checking, IF is the only running app on your device?

If your iPad gets pretty hot when running IF, you may need to find a more ventilated area, or place a fan nearby it.

Have you tried both setting IF time to night and moving your view inside the cockpit to the floor?

IF and IFA, I don’t have anything else on the device (even photos, emails, etc). It’ll heat up if I turn up the brightness or look at the terrain for awhile. It’ll cool back down if I do the opposite. When I leave it for hours I make sure it’s optimized.

I always have the time in the sim match my local time. I.e if it’s night for me, I make it night wherever the aircraft is. That’s to avoid messing with my circadian rhythm.

OK. I’d strongly recommend not using IFA for your ULH. IFA also states not to use it in low-power-mode.

So, when you looking at the terrain, it gets loaded. Again, I’d strongly recommend following the night settings and floor view I mentioned earlier (after you get to cruise) for best results, and hopefully no more crashing for you. I know it’s unfortunate, but this is probably what you’ll have to do as you have a much older device.

One additional thing that hasn’t been mentioned yet, also try keeping your iPad volume down to a minimum during cruise. Your battery will thank you.

Yeah IFA is convenient but it does seem to have reliability issues.

I’ve known about the terrain loading view, I mentioned it in the original post. Just departed NZAA for EGLL so we’ll see how it goes lol

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Hi @s1b2p5,
This used to be my device (Ipad mini 2), I had the same amount of gigs as you did.
My device would crash a lot even before 19.3 came out. To fix this, I would put all graphics on low etc, and make sure to leave about 4 gigs of extra space on your device. This often helps to talk from expereince. I would recommend checking out this;

As if you’re planning to upgrade your device, here is a list and description containing which device is best for IF.


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I pretty much optimized what the device was capable of. I gave it 10GB of free space and had everything on the most efficient settings. Before 19.3 this meant I could consistently complete flights that were over 20hrs. I suspect the global 15m tipped it over the edge unfortunately.

During the flight that departed yesterday from NZAA for EGLL, IF crashed on short final after ~20.3hrs total time…

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