IF Crashing on iPad


IF on iPad keeps crashing. I was 90mins into a 2-hour flight and the game just crashed.

Does anyone know why this keeps happening. I have an iPad Mini 2.


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This is a known issue and the team is trying to fix it. Please look at this thread for any updates:


Since the last update, IF has been crashing more often than usual.


I would also like to say that your iPad only has 1000MB (1GB) of Ram, devices with 1 to 2GB of Ram are affected by the crashing more than people with devices that have 3 to 4GB of Ram, the likelihood of it crashing again for you is extremely high, adding to it the device has an Apple A7 processor and with iOS 12.4 it’s extremely laggy.

I’ve got an iPad mini 2. Lovely little thing - won’t go higher than iOS 12.x. I was playing IF on this thing even before Seb had a beard.

But since Global ATC work became impossible and flying became hard, and since 19.4 I wasn’t able to fly on it anymore, except for a few patterns in mega low res mode. Like @Qantas094 mentioned, it simply doesn’t have the memory.

Dear @Vidsify, hate to be the bringer of bad news, but it’s time for the new Mini :-)


It’s not a known issue if he wasn’t on final. Just because we’re having this issue with crashes, please don’t assume that every crash topic in #support is due to the bug…

It most probably is, these crashes happen at any time and at any phase of flight.

As I’ve said…

To be fair, i can say that basically all of them is. At least recurring ones.

There’s always an odd one here & there though that happens once in a blue moon and are impossible to figure out :)

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is that even legal ;-;


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