IF crashing on final

Hey everyone, I was doing a 12 hour flight from Beijing to Detroit that was going great! I was excited about landing in Detroit and I was about to be on final. All of a sudden the app crashes with no lag or any sign of weakness. This got me mad because it has happened before and now I have done almost every tip to not get out of the app.

-I had anti-aliasing off
-limit frame rate was on
-strong WiFi network
-I restarted my device before flying
-no background apps
-90% on my iPad

I did realize this was a problem for many, but I have done all these things to prevent IF from crashing. What do I do to stop this? Thanks.

I believe crashes are caused by a known bug introduced in iOS 13 that leaks memory - it is being worked on. May I ask what type of iPad you are using? You can find more here:


I am using iPad 6th generation. I have done all of those things except for having a couple of the graphics settings on high

That might be the problem then. Try lowering them a bit, and lower your aircraft count to low or none as Detroit would be quite busy now so that would contribute.

Is that all that can stop the problem? I guess I had the aircraft count high also 🤦‍♂️ thanks for the help

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