IF Crashing/Freezing

Hello, my game randomly freezes or crashes when I am flying on my Chromebook. It doesn’t happen all the time, but it happens often. Any tips or ideas on how I can stop the crashes/freezes?

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This might be because Infinite Flight is not officially supported on Chromebook, thus the frequent issues with the simulator.

A lot of people have that problem. If you have your ATC volume up turn it all the way down. Staff is working on trying to fix this problem.

This Problem is only for iOS

Oh. Then it like @TheAviationGallery said it might not support IF with all these issues.

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Sadly in this situation @TheAviationGallery has pretty much nailed it on the head. @Xavier_Omatseye is likely well off the mark.

Chromebooks do not run android apps natively, they run them through software emulation. Lots of apps will run, but this does not necessarily mean they will run smoothly or be stable. It’s the same as running an emulator on a normal pc.
As Chromebooks aren’t officially supported, you won’t be able to receive much help unfortunately. Besides turning all of your settings down to minimum, there really isn’t much else you can do to fix the issue. Chromebooks don’t have a lot of settings you can tweak as they are designed to run web apps.

If you have a phone or tablet, I’d strongly recommend using that instead. It may be a smaller screen, but it will be a much more stable- and thus- enjoyable experience.


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