IF crashing after long flights

Hello, I was doing a flight from VHHH to KEWR, and about 11 hours into the flight it crashed.
So I was doing an overnight flight. When I woke up, I was two hours from my destination. I look at the map and look around, and all of a sudden IF crashed. It was doing fine through the night, but when I woke up and looked around to see where I was, it soon crashed. I had no background apps running, I am using an iPad. I am just wondering what I can do to stop this issue.
(This Same problem has happened a couple times before 19.3) Thanks!

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Read here

Go to trending and click the small arrow next to “Increased crash rate (iOS only)“ for a Answer 🙂

I have read that. I did not have the iPad on low power. But I didn’t restart it before flying. Do you think that would solve the whole issue?

It could do! It’s from the man who deals with it all so there is a good chance 😉

It’s not a solution. But it’s one of the many things you can do decrease the risk of it happening.
However, none of this are final solutions as the leak will happen either way. It’s just ways on minimizing it.

Lowering graphics is also one thing that helps, a lot.


So, turning my graphics lower, restarting my device before a flight will decrease my chance of this happening. But their is not a solution that can completely solve this problem then?

Not at this time. We’re working on fixing that on our end :)


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