IF crashes

Hello Community,
I have a problem and although IF crashes at the loading screen always happens since the IF has changed the picture. I hope someone can help me nice weekend.

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Could you please provide us what device you use?

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I am using a Samsung Galaxy S6

How much space do you have remaining? Do you clear your ram before flights? Do you have other apps then Infinite flight?

Hi! If you want to speak German, then contact me via PM so I can help you.
What are your graphics settings? Have you already tried reinstalling it?

please provide us with as much background info as you can.

As mentioned: how much free space do you have?
Any issues before?
Did you add any new apps recently?
Are there other apps running while you start/run IF?
Did you re-start?

Stuff like that

Yes, I still have Aerofly 1 on the phone that could be the problem?🤔

That should not be a problem, do you have atleast 1 gb storage remaining?

He means RAM. You will probably need the same for storage as well anyways.

Short update after deleting Aerofly has IF working again but it just blew me out during a flight which is actually even more annoying

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Try restarting your device. It clears up RAM. Also, try not to have many background apps running while Infinite Flight is running.