IF crashes when selecting airport

Hello everyone!

A few minutes ago I decided to fly somewhere in IF. I launched IF, selected the aircraft and when I tapped on the airport button, the app crashed. I repeated this multiple times, but the same thing happened. I also tried restarting my device, but no result.

Can you help me?

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Have you tried to reinstall IF?

Try to choose another airport or reduce graphics

I coudn’t choose another airport because when I tapped the airport selector the app crashed

How is your WiFi and storage space??

Wi-fi is excellent (I’m sitting next to the router) and I have 7gb free

Interesting… what are your graphics at.

Maximum but I couldn’t launch the flight, so I don’t think graphics are the problem

Can you send a video

I tried and it said the format is not accepted (it must be jpg,png etc)


Please try a device restart first.
If that doesn’t help, reinstall the app. That should do it :)


@PlaneFlyer - is this at any specific airport or just any?

@schyllberg this was happening for me on my iPhone as well. I had to delete/reinstall-then I got the Nav update and all is well. I think it just wouldn’t take the Nav database update for some reason. Hope that helps

Didn’t matter what airport-just soon as I clicked to change the airport it was CTD/home screen

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Yeah this exact thing happens to me

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Nice observation! Thanks. I had some suspicions it could be related.

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What airport was selected on the airport button before trying to change the airport?

I was at KBOS Val. I didn’t have the same issue w my iPad-BUT, I also noticed that not only the App Store was very very slow-but connecting to IF took some time on both my iPhone and iPad.

What start location exactly? I am trying to reproduce the exact same thing on my side.


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Don’t know-i think I was in solo mode practicing approaches-so KBOS Approach 04R-when I went to click on the airport-instant crash.

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