IF crashes when logging in

Yes I deleted most of my other apps most I have 1.60gb I restarted my tablet and reinstall IF

It crashes when I click on singn in with Google tvhen I select my account then it goes to a black screen then says if is not responding.
My LG tablet has in total16 gb

Okay, you said you deleted apps and your storage or memory has risen to 1.60 GB, it seems you are talking about storage and not memory. Please be specific in what you have done in terms of memory (RAM).

I don’t think you answered these…

This is the first time IF is on my LG tablet I deleted it off my phone because it took up toomutch space

Roger, so you have never actually been able to use IF on your tablet? And haven’t used it on there before?

We’re now at the 37th post to find out exactly what your situation is… This is what I get now:

  • IF used to work fine on your phone.
  • This is the first time you are installing IF on your LG tablet, with 1 GB of RAM. It has never worked properly; it crashes when trying to log in.

If this is indeed correct, then based on this, my conclusion has to be: get a tablet that is better equipped to run IF.

Here’s some more info:


Correct sir my first time on LG tablet

Roger. Then I agree with @azeeuwnl that your device isn’t capable of running IF.

This has taken way too long to work out, next time you have an issue please do try to provide as much information as you can by answering the questions being asked as thoroughly as you can.

Sorry we couldn’t help you any further.

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Ok then my device dosent have OpenGL ES is there a app to download it ?

No, I’m pretty sure it’s a hardware feature.

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You need to be consistent in your posts for us to be able to help you :)

  • First you mention a Samsung tablet
  • Then it’s an LG?
  • Before that you mentioned via email to support it was fixed, only to post this a few hrs later.

The LG you mentioned is OpenGL 3.0 compatible.


Yes it’s LG tablet that runs Android on it software I have Android lolipop installed
I just installed the OpenGL ES app

I don’t think their is an OpenGL device app, it’s a hardware feature that needs to be implemented by your hardware manufacturer (in your case, LG)

The app you may have installed is probably a veiwer or some sort or a developer tool

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So what should I do to fix it

As I can see this topic has proceeded and grown quite a lot which is quite concerning because it really means you CAN NOT log in!! If this issue continues then the best thing to do, if you haven’t already is to contact a member of staff like: @schyllberg or @DeerCrusher

Thank you! And I hope it gets fixed soon!

Please learn to read the top of the thread and the replies he has already received, schyllberg has been involved in this already.

It’s just annoying that folk jump to get the likes and kudos for doing something, when they have brought absolutely nothing to the party.

It’s okay to not reply, when you have nothing helpful to contribute.


Ok, thank for the support

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@Anthonyg96 - a factory reset of your device basen on taken steps and information provided. PM me if the issue remains after doing that.