IF crashes when logging in

Hey i have a samesung tablet when i select signin with google it crashes please help thc

Could we have some more information, such as your device, operating system, and version of IF?

Oh sure i have latest version of IF on a LG tablet

AK495 2nd Gen LG G PAD F 8.0" 16GB WIFi - 4G LTE (GLOBAL GSM Unlocked ) Tablet,

have you tried re-installing the app?

Yes twice still no use


Your device has 1GB of RAM, which might cause some issues if an app uses too much of it.

Do you have any apps running in the background?
Have you tried rebooting your device?

Additionally, how much free storage do you have left?

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Nothing is running in background i dont think i have a SD card in it

Could you please answer the other questions too? That would help us solving your problem.

I also rebooted it multiple times i have a bunch of storage space left

Is it the first time that you have experienced it?

Just to make sure: Do you have 1GB (or more) of storage left?

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Storage and RAM are 2 different things. 1Gb of ram isn’t enough to run IF, however it shouldn’t crash on log in.

Give me 5 mins to look something up

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Ok any update on what to do

Try shutting down your tablet and reboot it, do you have a firewall or security program of some sort? Do you have the latest IF update, latest version of android? Any background apps running?

I have latest version i shut it down and rebooted it thers no security pogram running

Ok, try clearing your Cache (I have an iOS device and have no idea how to do this in android) and maybe email IF directly and ask them for help, it seems like your having a big issue here :(

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Ok il try that thank you

No problem! Hope you figure out your issue so you can keep flying!!

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Well i can log in to if on my phone

It says on my tablet I have 796mb