IF crashes when I change view.

Hi I’m using an iPhone SE with 64 GB of space. Every time I change to third person view of the aircraft, the game will crash. It’s weird I haven’t been able to get off the ground and i bought a subscription so I’m just 😞 is there a way to make it stop crashing?

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I think it’s a known issue Flying Trans-Oceanic: "Tower" Camera View Crashes Sim


Hi, Its advisable to restart your device before playing the sim, the sim takes up lots of RAM whih can put some stress on your device, restarting your device will clear up some RAM.
Also you can hold the power button until it says turn off device, then let go of it and hold down the home button until you show up at the home screen or wherever you left off in your device, that is another option you have to free up some RAM ;).

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I tried restarting I’m probably thinking it’s my internet connection.

Ok I will try that thank you for the help!

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Thanks for the link I will take look at this.

Have you tried re-installing Infinite Flight?

I have had a similar problem with my Nvidia with Thrustmaster flight stick connected.
Check Settings-Controls-Commands to make sure IF hasn’t assigned a value to something in the cameras.
Mine does and I have to clear it every time.

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No I haven’t I will try that out and see what happens.

Ok thanks I will take a look

Roger. I play Global off my Iphone SE which has 64GB memory also. While this has never occurred to me, it might help.

You don’t have any problem playing at the highest settings on your iPhone SE?

No I don’t. Did you try and lower them?

Ok so this is resolved. What works for me is on a low internet connection. Make sure your settings are low. Also reinstalling the application.

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