IF crashes when flying long haul flight?

It is okay when flying short and mid-haul flight, all things okay.
But it come another story when flying long haul (>13Hrs) flight, always force close during the flight (around 4-7 hours after takeoff).

Tried to restart my device or re-install the app, still don’t work.
Anyone encountering the same problem?

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What device are you using?

Not all devices are capable of coping with long hauls due to limited amount of RAM.

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I am using Ipad Mini2 with IOS11, thanks.

Yeah, I wouldn’t expect that one maintain long hauls honestly. But to keep your flight as long as possible, it’s always good to perform a RAM reset before each flight.

Hold down power/lock until you see “Slide to power off”. The hold down “Home” until you’re returned to the home screen.

Hello, I use an iPad Mini 2 with IOS11 and i do long hauls just fine :)


Same, no problems with me. Just a bit of lag when descending after 8h + flight.

I have an iPad mini 2 too and IF crashed twice of 7 long haul flights.

Do this before starting up IF, it should help you make longer flights without issues:


Tried to clear ram before flight?

I will try it tonight, thanks.

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