IF crashes on Samsung S10E

Hi all

With latest version of IF, I fired up IFassistant, and after a while, the whole thing just freezes up and the phone reboots. So it seems like a pretty serious bug, I think.

Any idea what it may be? Anyone experienced the same issue?


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think this has to be in #thirdparty

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Are you using iOS or Android?

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Literally your device reboots on his own or you need to reboot it to clear the freezing?

My thoughts are re-installing again the IF-Assistant app, you will not lose anything

Its talking as well about an Infinite Flight crash, I think #support fits well for this post

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ahh but it is about ifassistant as well

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IF-A does not cause any issues.

You’re using an S10E, right?

There is a known issue with device from Samsung S10 series that have the Exynos chip.

Just search and you will find other topics about it.

IF-A is not causing these issues, so please change the title of the topic.

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Hi all (and Jan)

Thanks. Actually I tested and IF crashed even though I wasn’t running IFA. And for info, the screen freezes, and then the phone reboots by itself.

I am using Samsung galaxy S10E.


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Like I said, it’s a known issue.

Just search and you shall find.

It seems that the most recent update for the S10 series devices (G97xFXXU7CTF1) may have fixed the randomly freezing and rebooting.

So far, users with an S10, S10+ and Note 10 (with Exynos CPU) haven’t experienced the issue after installing the update.

I hope it will soon be available for your S10E as well. 🤞

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