IF crashes on Note 8

Hello, recently my IF has begun to crash often. This has happened randomly and I am unable to pin down what is causing it, any help would be appreciated.
Samsung Note 8

I have restarted my device and recently (week ago) re-installed IF

Rendering Quality: High
Anti-Aliasing: On
Limit Frame Rate: Off

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I’m running a note 8 and don’t have any issues, confirm how much memory you have free? And if hour regularly run the optimisation process?

2.2 GB of memory free, and it was already fully optimized this morning and still is now. I turned it on to high performance so it will run better. Not sure if that will help.

Turn off Anti-Aliasing. See if that helps. That seems to use up a lot of resources on android devices.

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Anti-Aliasing should not be a problem with this. I use the Note 8 and that is always on and has never crashed due to that. I believe the OP may have his aircraft count set to high which will in fact cause problems for the Note 8

This usually happens during long-hauls in the middle of the ocean with little no traffic around.

Hmm what is your RAM count showing when you use device management to clear inactive apps?

2.6 GB of memory free.

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