IF Crashes Every Time I Play It On Live (Expert) Server

I have an iPhone 13, and I’ve played Infinite Flight on it for around a year now. The app has always worked fine, but ever since I updated my phone to iOS 17, the app has been crashing non-stop whenever I play any live (Casual, Training, Expert) server. It’s very annoying paying $9.99 per month to play with others on a live server with multiple great planes, when the app always crashes on live server within 10 minutes of playing on the server. The app crashes without warning too. Every time I play on Expert server, the game crashes within 15 minutes of me flying. This issue has never happened before I updated my phone to iOS 17, and prior to iOS 17, the game ran very smoothly even with high graphics (I enable low power and turn graphics down on longer flights). The fact that I’m paying for an app that constantly crashes just, because I updated the software on my phone is sad. If this continues, I’m going to stop playing IF, because the game, previously fully playable, has become completely unplayable.

Hey there! Sorry to hear that you’ve been experiencing some crashes. You should move this to Support. Make sure to download 23.3.2 as it has a bunch of crash fixes. Rest assured, the amazing Infinite Flight dev team is working hard on fixing this.

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I updated to 23.3.2 the day it came out. The app has continued to crash constantly on live (Expert server) since then.


It’s the same thing for me, It’s annoying to crash on a 13h or for regional one…

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Well, make sure to turn off Anti-Aliasing, keep your plane count to low, your graphics to medium/low, etc. It helps to restart your device before every flight.

Sorry to hear you are experiencing crashes.

I know it’s frustrating.

The hotfixes already fixed several issues found in crash reports.
Luckily crash reports are sent automatically, so you can count on the devs being hard at work tracking down causes for those crashes and finding fixes for them.
It will take some time though, so please bear with them.
It still has top priority.

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