If crashes before opening the app

As said in the title my IF is crashing before I even get into the app. Is this known?


Having the same issue here. Attempted Re-install and device restart. No luck. I’m sure someone will come around and help out (:


Same issue on my end as well.

Yep, I am having the same issue.

Swipe up app and restart worked for me.

Looks like it’s happening to everyone. I’m sure someone from the team will fix it shortly. Just stay patient guys.


Well, this does not make much sense…
Looking into it.


@schyllberg I have a video if you want?

This is not an issue with Infinite Flight.

Other apps are displaying the same behavior worldwide.

(Try Spotify for example…)


Just out of question, is this multi-platforms, or just one or the other?

I’m in flight with about 10-15 others so cannot test

Apple user, can confirm everything is crashing. Edit: instagram is okay


just opened Adidas and it worked
just tried three apps and all of them exepct spotify opened

Same issue restarted my phone and it still doesn’t work

Not working for iOS

You had to do it to me… 😂

It was working fine in the background but now I got no tunes, probably should have foreseen that happening… 😂

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I have the same problem. Installed app twice still not opening app

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It’s app-wide me and my friends are having the same issue. All other apps seem to be working.

Seems to be iOS only. Not sure what the criteria is but a lot of apps are crashing right now.

There’s not much we can so but wait it out.


Yea @schyllberg is correct Obviously it is worldwide with all apps

At least for me

it seem to IF and Spotify currently