IF Crashes after disconnection from server

this is the 2nd time where IF would disconnect from the live server and freeze half way thru my flight, then after a few seconds it would crash
Anyone help?

iPhone 6s iOS 12.1

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I have this happen on my Note 8 also, wonder what the issue is.

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There have been multiple topics like this posted today… Infinite Flight Staff have already conducted a server restart but it seems that there might be a broader issue here.

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Looks like the server restart didn’t do anything

What i’m wonder is, why are you loosing connection in the first place? That’s where we need to start.
The server issues that we’ve been experiencing are not related and doesn’t disconnect you from the Live server.

(Last server restart was almost 20 hours ago)


It has been happening since that server restart which was about yesterday and the last two flights I’ve done I have lost connection and crash. It could be my WiFi but on other devices my wifi is up and ok

So, it’s all running well… then the exclamation mark turns red and shortly thereafter the app crashes?

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Yes about half way the exclamation mark turns red for live server and when that happens it freezes for about 10 seconds

Same here happened to me several times and I’m running a new iPad Pro the latest with excellent WiFi and no other app but infinite assistant. This iPad is 100 percent dedicated to Infinite Flight and once the server resets, all light indicates green except for live server . And than it crashes .

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How long have the flights been?
Are there any indications of anything else going on prior to this?

The two flights were about 30 mins to an hour and minor lag when I’m busy airports ( which is probably expected from this device )


I’m messing around a bit with it now… been able to reconnect after multiple flight mode toggles.
Gonna do some other tests.


if you want to conduct the test at CYYC cause that’s where I took off from

I just did a test but on another server that didn’t affect anyone.
Restarted the server - reconnected successfully…

There must be something else here… not sure what though.

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