IF crashed on final to KLAX, you guys really need to fix that because it really makes a lot of players upset

As I was on final to Los Angeles last night my game crashed, I play on an iPad 2020 and I used low power mode and I make sure my ipad never heats up. Yet this problem still accrues.


Hello @LoveAllah, welcome to the comunity

Im sorry you are experiencing this problem, here are a few things that are recommended.

Restart your device before each flight, especially on ones longer the 4 hours.

Don’t change your graphics around during a flight, a lot of times this can induce a crash.

There has also been a problem going around that is related to a user’s device ram. The Team is working on troubleshooting and fixing this problem.

Have a good day!

Correction to the title: …because it really makes YOU upset." Infinite Flight’s always hard at work at ensuring everyone’s experience is the best it can be. Rather than blaming them for the issue, see if there’s anything you can do on your end, perhaps to your device settings, to prevent this from happening again.

Welcome to the community, and have a great day!

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It’s not JUST me, there’s others who I know that deal with the same issue and get upset as well. Sorry if I seemed rude when making the initial comment it’s just that it was several hours long and IF crashed while I was on final.


Why so rude? Everyone knows many users experience this. I agree steps should be taken to help prevent this issue on the user’s end; however it is a known fact that app crashes have been occurring more often recently and is in fact upsetting many users.

Interesting way to welcome someone to the community.


You should be asking why the poster is being so rude… if someone gives rude energy you give it back thats how life works.

Dont give off energy you dont want in return.

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Hence why I said “Why so rude?”


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I also had this same issue, mainly happens when I’m approach a controlled airport happened on most of my long haul flights, 1 on Base, 1 on short final and 1 just exiting the rwy.

Let’s keep the arguing to a minimum please!

As I’ve explained in numerous posts, we’re aware of this and are investigating it quite thoroughly.

If it would have been an easy fix, we wouldn’t be having this discussion ;)