IF Crashed for the 5th time in a row after 22.8

I’m having several crashes since 22.8 and laggs.
I’m on the expert server and not the expert server beta.
I don’t know why it’s happening. I can’t even finish half of my flight.

I have trouble even loading the airports, and my device has enough space to handle the sim. I don’t know what to do anymore.

Any suggestions?

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What’s your device and graphics settings?

My device is iPad 7th generation and on version 16. I’ve always had high graphic settings on previous updates had no problems. But when on 22.8 it can’t handle high graphics, and lags. I had a green screen when approaching an airport.

Have you updated your iPad at iOS 16.3 which is beta? Maybe that can be the problem for the lags

I’ll look… I’ll download the beta and see if the lag goes

Because, I think the beta isn’t playable with the current version, when I was with the iOS 16 beta, my game lags every time…

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Right now it works alright, I’ll see when I approach a bigger airport 🙂

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