IF crashed again

Ok, that’s it, it happened again and in crucial phase of the flight. I ran out of options, who should I report this to?

A few questions to start.

  • What device are you using?
  • What OS is your device currently on?
  • What is your graphic settings?
  • How much storage is available as of right now?

And finally, when and where in flight did this happen?

  • Samsung S21
  • Android 11
  • Everything on High but with the Anti aliasing OFF and 60fps
  • 51GB of 256GB

It was a 25 mins ago, nearby the NDB Ambriz some nautical miles north-northwest of FNLU

Okay. Try lowering your graphic settings and settings FPS to 30. Could you also clear your scenery cache?

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I’ve done all of this before. I’ve made two topics reporting this, it’s only happening since I’ve updated to 21.4, before that and even with lower-end phones like Samsung S20 FE, it used to run perfectly and NEVER crashed…

Since this has been happening, and you’ve made 2 other topics about it. Just do these solutions. We don’t really know what is causing this crash, but if you could continue with these solutions, it will be okay for now.

What bothers me is that I did this solutions and it keeps happening, I’m not up to uninstall and losing all the data everything it crashes… :(

You can save and move replays that you want to keep. But in these replies, they have said to do a reinstall, it is quite possible the solution is to uninstall then reinstall to fix the problem.

The thing is, I did it already… like 4-3 days ago…

So you’ve restarted your device and reinstalled Infinite Flight?

I don’t know what else to do other than continuing these solutions until a solid one has been made.

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Yes! Exactly like that!

Hey! Sorry to hear about this.

Exactly what did you do? Provide the answers in the order you’ve done them.

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I’ve uninstalled IF and deleted any component that could be left after it, switched the phone off, switched the phone on, reinstalled with the fastest Wi-Fi band of my Internet service and got back to the IF skies and 4 days after here we are again… 🙂

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