IF crash

I was halfway through a flight from PHOG to KLAX on the expert sever when I switched camera views. When I tapped the button, the sim crashed. I highly suspect that this is a bug. Is there any more details needed?


What device are you on?
What are your graphics settings?
Which view did you switch to?

If you had switched to tower view it is possible this would’ve caused it to crash. I believe it’s due to there being no nearby tower. If this is the case, I would avoid trying to switch to tower cam in the middle of an ocean.

This has also happened to me when I accidentally switched to that view.


As @ThomasR said dont go to tower over the ocean. That will crash the app. Press and hold the camera to get your camera options and slide backwards but do not go to the last option over water or areas without an airport nearby.

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If you are still having issues with your flight, then it could also be the traffic at KLAX. High amounts of traffic can cause issues with your game such as crashing, freezing, etc. You would normally have to lower graphics for this I believe… Although I am probably wrong so don’t listen or bother with this if everything goes fine. I would just try that same route again so you can see if more issues arise or if the same issues happen again. Sorry if I cannot be of help, but I hope that the advices stated above work.


iPad Pro, all settings at max, battery limiter was on, i switched from HUD to Cockpit view.

My settings aren’t too high as I always get 60 frames. My iPad Pro can handle IF perfectly.

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