IF crash question

Can someone explain why the game crashes or stops working when I get an Apple notifications for example a notification about an update from Apple

Which device are you using and your IOS version?

Re read the question. I am asking why does it crash?

you need to know about the device, to know a possible solution


I’m not asking for a solution

Well, it is almost hand in hand !. It is to be able to give you an explanation of what could be happening.

Ok this will be hard… we still need to know what device you are using. Maybe your device isn’t powerful enough to handle this.

hahaha don’t be aggressive! do not worry! :)


I’m fine ;)

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There are a couple of issues surrounding system level popups, and they’ve been around for a long time. The pop ups take full priority and will pause whatever is in the background.

As for crashes, I’m unsure. I think this is something the team has tried to work on, though I don’t know if any progress has been made.


@Kirito_77 help me with this :) you know a little more about devices.

Has nothing to do with the device. I saw multiple responses as to why the app stops functioning properly when I get a notification for an update to my device. Was wondering why does it happen

This was what I was looking for thank you!

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That’s the kind of notification the OS would give full priority to, putting other things in the background. The chances of a crash are hence increased. IF doesn’t like to run in the background.


Ok thanks.

Aaaalmost :)

It’s not a crash per say. When something that is using up a lot of resources is put in the background, it will be one of the first thing iOS kills to free up resources to do other things.


I’m on Android 11, Samsung OneUI, and there’s a “Game Booster” setting, “Priority Mode” . This stops all notifications the whole time a game is running. And I presume will also try to keep the game on top.

Does iOS have something like this ?

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