IF crash issues

My IF crashed two times in past 24 hrs
I was doing a flight from RJAA to WSSS and IF crashed just when I was on final…i lost 7 hrs of flight time!
Then again I was doing a flight from WSSS to OMDB as Singapore 494 heavy (777-300er) after about 2.5 hrs of flight time once again it crashed…I am really tired of this issue now. Please help me out
I think I wrote about crash issues last month too and one of the staff member wrote to me saying that we are aware of this issue and are working on it, I just want to know when will a permanent solution come😕 and if anyone knows how to avoid these issues then please respond also whenever I am flying long haul flights I always reduce the brightness and switch on the ‘low power mode’

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Hey there this is a known issue that the flight crashes after 19.4 the devs are fixing it hopefully it will come in 20.1

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Hello mate,

As you stated it is a known issue and more detail can be found below:

One suggestion that I’ve heard that has helped others, is if you go into cockpit camera and point your camera at the overhead panel. This will help as it won’t load the scenery tiles below your aircraft. You can also go onto tail camera and face it upwards whilst you are at cruise.


Thank you for responding…i love IF and this community but seriously it gets frustrating whenever IF crashes in the middle of the flight. I hope that this will get better in the upcoming update.

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