IF Crash Ipad Pro

Good Morning from Houston TX! I’ve been reading alot about the IF crashing on longhaul flights, its happened to me a couple of times but recently I have upgraded from flying on my iphone to flying on an Ipad Pro. And Since switching, its crashed a couple of times but recently, I’ve started, every couple of hours in flight, clearing the cache and I havent had that crashing problem anymore and I primarily only do longhauls, 14+ hours. Has anyone tried this method and had the same results as me? Or am I on an island by myself?

Safe flights Capt’s!


RAM could also be a factor into your not crashing. How much do you have available preflight?

I am using the IPad Pro 21.9, it has 256GB memory and 6GB of RAM

Thanks! Ill try all of those!

That’s not really true. Cache is basically data that the app stores so that future requests for the data will be faster. This means if you are flying to/from the same airport, having scenery cache is actually a good thing as it speeds up the time needed to get that scenery. Infinite Flight only stores around 200MB of cache data and the rest is deleted automatically. Clearing scenery cache before every flight is therefore not neccessary and has not been advised by any staff member and/or developers. If you want to reduce your rates of crashing before the workaround arrives, set your camera to a position which does not download scenery, like the Tower view, whilst doing long-haul flights.


I also have an Ipad Pro (2020), happend after a 2 hours flight at touchdown.
Workaround, reboot before flight. It worked for me.

So annoying that this is happening

clear cache

6GB of RAM will solve all your problems lol

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This has been discussed extensively on the topic in the FAQ.

  • Clearing the cache may help but it also causes an increase in items to download which may result in a crash.
  • The issue is a memory leak with downloading scenery. The developer provided workaround is to set your camera to ATC, Tower, or Virtual Cockpit with the camera pointed straight up once you hit cruise. (not at the dashboard or rear)
  • There is a fix that is being tested and if all goes well will be included in the next release.

We are aware how annoying it is for everyone and hope we can put it behind us soon.