IF Crash after loosing Internet connection

Hi, i found an bug befor the patch and after the patch update. I Flew for 100 hrs, 50hrs and about 34hrs when on all of these 3 Flights my Internet was down for some seconds then i disconnected normally from the Server and it always treid to reconnect. then IF just closed by it self and the flight was gone i had to start IF again after all this three flights.

When i am ready with my current flight i will provide all 3 Replays.

Replay 1 (100hrs):

Replay 2 (50hrs):

Replay 3 (34hrs):

Also on all these three flight i experienced that after about 20hrs or so the Winds didn’t update right i always had diffrent wind speeds then other players i flee with. So i think that also the Wind isn’t updating anymore after an curtain amount of hours.

EDIT: All Three Replays are now linked to check what happend to let the Game Crash

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