IF constantly crashing

Running on samsung galaxy S8, freezes on menus, in flight, as soon as the app opens it freezes for seconds at a time making flight impossible. Tried everything to fix, logging out, re-downloading, clear scenery cache, clear the app cache, lowest settings nothing works. Plenty of space left on device too, was running fine up until a few weeks ago.

Hey there! I would restart your device and see if that works

Do you have the Android Battery Saver on? Having this enabled can cause a lot of degradation in terms of both storage, performance and network.

I know you said that you’ve already ‘tried everything to fix the issue’, but please have a look at the official support manual to help with performance-related issues including the crashes you’re experiencing.

I have a issue with IF on my S8 too. Cannot fly the 777-200ER since 20.1, granted the device is ageing, at least in my case.

So basically you’re probably on exynos version

Exynos is samsung’s answer to Qualcomm’s chips which is miles worse than Qualcomm ones, but they still shipped it with every S8 outside of USA and act like they are the same. The result? You think you’re getting a flagship phone, but instead you’re getting very mediocre hardware in a nice body.
Try lowering basically everything to the lowest possible setting and enable high power mode in power mode settings

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