IF Connection Issues (Reoccuring)

I’ve made a post on this before, but it seems like I can never complete a long-haul flight without the thing crashing on a short final. I don’t mean crashing into the ground, I mean my device ALWAYS disconnects. Very aggravating, especially after a 12+ hour flight and it happens when you’re on FINAL. (Sorry for those at Beijing I might’ve interrupted.)

Almost 90% of my long hauls (I’ve flown one almost daily this summer) tend to crash while I’m on the final. I use an iPad Pro with iOS 15.5 (it’s pretty up to date), with less than half of the storage filled, and basically, only use it for IF and some internet. In the app, I always restart and clear caches before a flight, and set my graphics to the lowest setting. What am I doing wrong, or is this an issue for everyone?

I have an annual subscription, and with how much that costs and these constant issues, it’s hard to say why I’ve continued using Infinite Flight…

Anyways, does anyone know what’s going on, how I can fix it, or any tips?


Are your graphics on low when you land? That sometimes makes a big difference for me when I fly because the same thing sometimes happens to me too

They’re on low for the entire flight.

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maybe read the post again, carefully

additionally, we are talking about an iPad Pro… it should be able to handle it


oh lol, i didnt see that😅

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Alright. Could you clarify which year your iPad Pro is from?

It’s a 2017 9.7 inch

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I see.

First of all, I understand your frustration and agree that this shouldn’t be happening.

However, secondly, your device may not be as powerful as I first thought. You are making a good choice on putting the settings down.

However, especially when approaching busy airports, airplane count matters as well. What was it set at when these crashes occurred?

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Always been on low as well.


Conflicting things in this. Are you disconnecting (ie. losing connection to the servers) or crashing (ie. the app shutting down without instruction)?

They’re different issues but both are mentioned.


Hi-- sorry, word choice is not my forte. In the problem discussed here, I am crashing-- the screen will turn black, and then the app is exited and I’m back on the iPad home screen without notice or any actions by me.

Ok. So it seems like your device should be able to run IF relatively well on lower settings. There has been a known issue going around where crashes are more common than before. I recommend you look for similar topics which potentially might have solutions that worked for a group of users experiencing the same issue. I can recall schyllberg mentioning that restarting your device before a flight can help massively.

Sorry this keeps happening to you, but your best bet is to wait for a hotfix.

Have a good day!

Often changing your graphics settings can induce a crash. I have found out the hard way so often.

I have also noticed you haven’t mentioned your aeroplane count. maybe set that to low or medium.

iI is true there is a problem going on with this which largely seems to be connected with RAM, refer to the post below.

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