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When flying and controlling using my iPad Pro 11’ Wifi (2019), I am finding that if I am more than about 7 metres (23ft) away from my wifi router, the Live Server connection suddenly drops out - each time this has happened I have tested the internet by switching to Safari and going to the IFC website/Google, and it loads fine - the issue seems to be only with IF on that device.

Interestingly, I tried IF on my iPhone 8 and it didn’t have this connection issue at all when connected to wifi, even when more than 7m away from the router.

I have tried restarting IF, restarting the iPad, forgetting and rejoining the network, and resetting network settings, but none of these have worked. Is it just that IF needs better connection than Safari, or is there something wrong with the iPad? Has anyone else had similar issues??

Actually me on the same device but with the weather server and with the API System combined together at the same time

it does, a browser doesn’t use as much bandwidth compared to something like IF, i’d suggest an obvious thing, try getting closer and doing a flight, bare in mind you only need to be there till it gets to cruise and for TOD/Approach.
But one question did you have a VPN active when you were doing this flight

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This happened to me too and it ruined my overnighter, I tried cellular data and WiFi but nothing worked, it just disconnected from the live server and never reconnected

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This doesn’t seem like an issue with the iPad. WiFi has a certain range, like any wireless platform. This range is dependant on the type of WiFi you have, and the location that it is in (brick houses tend to have a shorter WiFi range than wooden).

Just try and get closer to the router, do your flight there. As @Alphadog4646 said, Safari is not having to constantly download data from a server, and constantly upload it, and thus IF uses a fair amount more.

If you have enough mobile data (which I don’t suggest), and you have 4G, maybe try a short flight in a place more than 7 metres away from the router (you can connect to your phone’s hotspot). You can then establish whether it really is the iPad or the router.

Hope this helps!

Mainly can be your router however, there was an IOS update yesterday so it’s worth taking a look into . Best wishes.

Most likely an issue with your router. Try renewing the lease (should be a button) in the Wifi settings on your iPad. If this doesn’t work, forget the network and join again.

How about we give the OP time to respond, everyone has suggested something about the router. I did, but they could use a different device and not have the same issue, if the OP has a vpn on their ipad that’d explain everything:)

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I was wondering if it was a router issue before, but i could still fly on other devices perfectly fine which led me to think that it was just the iPad.

I did have a VPN on the iPad at one point, that could be it! I will double check / update you if that solves it.

if ur vpn was on during that flight, that would be the cause

No, that doesn’t seem to solve the issue. I’m still having connection problems…

I just can’t figure out what’s happening, I guess I’ll just have to play closer to the router or on another device. Thanks everyone for your help!

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