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Screenshot_1 This keeps popping up even though im flying above the ocean between YSSY and CYVR at 32,000 feet. and i dont know why its not popping up. it just says i keep trying to connect. and yes the button is on for IF connect on my phone

Are they connected to the same wifi?
(We have both 2,4ghz and 5ghz, I don’t know about you)

yes they are connected

I would close the IF connect app. Unlink the wifi from computer, connect to the wifi again and open IF connect.

ill try it and see what happens

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It didnt work. it still says its still trying to connect

Your flight won’t be cancelled by exiting the app (DO NOT RESTART IT, JUST EXIT), turn of wifi and connect it again, try that and see if it works

On my phone? or like. its fine if i dont continue the flight i can do it whenever. i just wanna see if it connects

Ok, if you don’t care about the flight I would restart the app, exit LifeFlight and reconnect to the wifi on both devices. If that doesn’t work I would open a support page

how do i make a support page?

Hi there!

Are you really sure that your phone and computer are on the same WiFi network? Maybe you were using the cellular data on your phone and the WiFi only on your computer.

If you have checked that, try disabling “Infinite Flight connect” and enable it again.

Are you using a VPN on one of the devices?

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oh god i never use data while on IF.

i just clicked it to disable to and then clicked it again to start it up and it didnt work

i dont use a VPN


Close LiveFlight connect and reset your router. Then open LiveFlight connect again and see if this has helped.

ill try and see if it works

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