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I’m experimenting with the Connect API for a project I’m working on and while I can see commands like airplane.getState clearly are intended to return data, it is unclear if any of the set/toggle/action commands are intended to return any response such as verifying the action has occurred or that a level/value has changed on a control.

Is there any reference of the exact parameters each command expects and the expected responses (if any) that the API will return per command?

If not, any suggestions on how to reverse engineer this information so that I could produce a complete API documentation?


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As far as I can tell, there isn’t specific documentation for what each command returns (or doesn’t).

What I’ve been doing to figure it out is pretty hacky… When trying a command I’m not familiar with, I send the command and then print out the response to the terminal. If there’s no response, I don’t need to look for one in the future. If there is a response, I know what sort of format I’m looking for.

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Sounds pretty similar to what I’ve been doing. The issue with this approach is that one can’t be sure if there are optional and/or undocumented parameters one can pass to any specific API function to drive different behaviour in IF. I’ll just keep hacking away at it as you are suggesting.

If Laura or philippe sees this they would be able to help. I only know the basics but yours sounds right but usually it’s a tiny little thing that stops it.

It’s a shame there isn’t more documentation on the V2 API

You can find that here:

You can also request to join the #thirdparty:api group on the forum here:


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