IF compatible with iPad and Joystick?

can someone tell me if Infinite flight is compatible with my iPad 5th generation?

I would also like to know if I can use a yoke, rudder pedals and thrust quadrants with my iPad, and whether it is compatible with infinite flight.

I plan on getting these, so it would be really good if anyone can help me

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Take a look at these two links:

Joysticks, rudders, etc. are also compatible with Infinite Flight if I remember well.


Here’s some detailed information regarding how the iPad 5th Gen runs Infinite Flight;

Looks like the classic iPad handles it pretty nicely 😊

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So rudder and throttle quadrant works? there isnt a section in infinite flight that (i’m aware of) that allowes me to change the settings like there is a yoke section, so do I just plug it in?

Ya, there is. I was able to do it with a controller. It’s just that yaw, and throttle are unassigned by default…

so if im not using liveflight and im just gonna play it on my ipad, throttle quadrant and the rudders should work, right?

Yes, they should.

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