IF compatible for IOS 17

My IPad 6th generation settings has indicated of the new IOS version update 17.0 . Is the current version 23.2.1 of IF able to run smoothly if I update my IPad or should I wait to see if IF will issue an update

It should run perfectly fine.

Are you running iOS 17 or are you on Android

Can anyone from the support team confirm Mort’s reply that indeed IF will run correctly with IOS 17

It runs fine.


Thanks for the feedback, will update my IOS later today, thank you for this amazing app and all the hard work the staff puts into it, hoping to one day to become part of IFAET to also contribute to the development to the number one mobile flight simulator out there.

Same here. I have also applied and still haven’t got a response.

Yep as said it works fine, I have it on my ipad

@Ken_wei It takes time because it would be chaos, expect around a year until you get accepted

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Yeah, it’s not like I’m desperate to get accepted, I’m not. Just trying my best to do other things while patiently waiting for acceptance

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