IF Compatibility With Samsung Galaxy A7 or A9

Hello community!

At this time, I have an Samsung phone with only 2gb RAM, and IF runs (also with the hotfix), not very smooth. My budget is not very big, and I was planning to take a Samsung Galaxy a7 2018 or Galaxy a9 2018. I have already looked in the Phone Compabilty Thread, but those phones aren’t there.
So, has anyone got one of those two devices and could tell me what their experiences with that phone are?


@Kirito_77 this sounds something you could answer.


Based on the specifications on both devices (I mean 6gb of ram on the a7 is plenty for a start), I would definitely expect the sim to run very smoothly on high (good) settings, and potentially even run on Best/ Ludicrous settings. I make no guarantees, but both seem relatively powerful, and with their super AMOLED screens I reckon they’d also look amazing!


Okay, thanks!

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