IF compared to FSX

I’m a huge infinite flight gamer, but one thing that annoys me is that everything on FSX is better than IF. Will we ever see the same realism in IF that there is in FSX?

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It is very much possible. Technology continues to evolve, and IF can and will evolve with it.

However, with the addition of FS2020, FSX is becoming obsolete. So we may even surpass it one day. However, FSX was created for PC with higher performance than a mobile device. So we may not reach the same level as FSX, but we may make something very much close to it. Just look and XPlane10 on mobile. It will happen soon.

On top of that, we are just beginning to cross into a more realistic realm. We now have live cockpits, as well as controllable systems such as Mixture and APUs/Batteries. We are beginning to become less of a game and more of a simulator. However, we continue to break the barriers for mobile simulation as a whole.

Exactly, FSX and Microsoft FS were designed for computer. Computer have much better operation than a phone of iPad. So we will just wait and see.

However, this topic will just turn into another debate, so I think it would be best to close this.


I’m not 100% what you are asking, I feel this can easily turn into a massive debate between mobile and desktop Sims…

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FSX is on a PC with high quality systems to run the simulator. Infinite Flight is built for mobile, which is way more difficult to reach a wide community and a wide range of devices with relatively low standards. This isn’t a topic for the community.


Well most likely not, IF is mobile and FSX is desktop. Big difference. But lets not get into a debate.

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Hello @Oli5!

It has been said before that IF devs obviously develop but must take into consideration other peoples devices, Not everyone has a brand new Ipad pro. In addition, requirements for mobile is very different to desktop.


This is essentially an apples to oranges comparison. Your opinion and continued support of Infinite Flight is greatly appreciated. I know that this statement is cliche but IFLLC has definitely amplified their dedication to pushing out high quality content and features alike. We hope that you will continue to enjoy the app and remain dedicated to its growth.

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