IF Community should buy this!

Would be so awesome if we could crowd fund buying this XD then paint it in the Infinite Flight livery.


Yes that would be cool

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Seriously? eBay? I don’t know you but, I sincerely don’t trust in ebay…I rather buy the plane via amazon…it’s a ex virgin plane?


e-bay gives guarantees that you get refunded if you don’t receive the product tbf

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I thought it was in flying condition still…didn’t know they striped it.

Yeah they also took away everything from the cockpit 😕

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Yeah that’s the best part in my opinion. Haha I’d be pretend flying everywhere.

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can be replaced…

I would also pretend I bought first class and would sit in the seat for like 3 hours lol

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with noise effects too?!

At a super expensive price

Full captains outfit and all!


$300k isnt expensive for a stripped out 747 i imagine. still got all the seats in.

No not bad at all. Looks like they are leaving all the other electronics in it as well. If you had the resources you could probably make a decent return parting it out.

That’s literally the price they are selling the 747 for

probably not lol

It’s sad that they are retiring her majesty 747😪


I know there’s a place down the road from me that used to cut up all of Northwest airlines retired aircraft and sell parts…they make decent money.

where would we put it though