IF community policemen

So why is that there’s always some smarta*** patrolling the forum commenting on how you post what you post. Like are we supposed to state our opinions, make a new thread if we want. As long as it’s not hurting anyone, back off. It’s annoying. If you have nothing relevant to a post don’t comment. Unless you’re changing the criteria from general to live, support etc. If it was in the wrong one to begin with. Instead of taking time out of your day to be annoying go learn how to do better landings. People do not be afraid to speak out i know a lot of people find what im saying to be correct


Isn’t that what moderators are for?


No need for that type of language. If you have a problem with a certain person, address them with a PM in a better manner.


Are you referencing to people that are telling others that a topic is a duplicate?

See 😂😭😂😭you’re a prime example. No one specifically just speaking in general.


No just people who feel the need to fix every tiny mistake this is a forum about a mobile sim. Not a office of a million dollar firm not that everything has to be perfect


I think you mean to ;)

Reminds me of the people who digg up old posts made before some rules were enforced and flag them.


This is what MODERATORS are for 🙂

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I’m sorry @gshazzaam, but yes you could spoke and give your notice. It’s absolutely not a problem, and everyone here will be pleased to answer you and to debate with you.

But you can’t speak as you do. You have to be polite as all here, Personnaly I don’t want to answer you if you start your message without a minimum of politeness. So if you have any problem with one person specifically, speak with them directly and add a mods if you think that it’s better to have a neutral person and please speak with politeness. And if you have a problem in general, speak directly here with politeness and I’m sure that the mods are here to moderate, but too hear about each feedback for each user. Don’t worry about that ! Speak correctly and your going to have an awesome respond I’m sure.

(I’m not trying to tell you that you do something wrong, I’m just here to explain you how and to help you that’s All. When I register here for the first time, I didn’t like some things here, but now I understand why, so I respect those things. That’s all)

Have a great day dear @gshazzaam!


That’s why we have moderators

What? I know what moderators are for. Did you not read the whole post. Im commenting about why people have to be so nit-picky about what others post.

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Dont speak as i do. How am i speaking? This is the real world i wasnt cursing or being offensive. I was very polite believe me.

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@gshazzaam [quote=“gshazzaam, post:1, topic:64090”]

What’s the meaning of this ?


I agree, backseat moderators are annoying. Picking out small discrepancies isn’t cool, but it’s nice if you address duplicates for us as that saves us time and effort.


Smartass. That’s what it says.


Exactly that’s I’ll I’m trying to do just adress duplicates… I’m not a smarta** policeman. Some people would just like not having duplicate topics.

If you want to embarrass me in front of everyone, do so but I would appreciate a PM better. It just shows how immature you are. Please stop using this rediculous language such as “smarta**” and “topic police”. Use more civilized language. All I’m doing is reminding you there is a duplicate topic, not trying to be the police…

Oh boy now I’m the villain 😂😭😂😭

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I want trying to embarrass you. Probably you need embarrassing then maybe you’ll stop being annoying.

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