IF Community Landing Compilation making

So I’ve recently had a idea. A Community Landing Compliation. This video will be on my youtube channel. It’s preatty straight forward what you have to do. You can use any camara angles or any planes and liveryes you want. To be featured in the first video email your entries to pdragos66@gmail.com


I like this idea! Good contribution.


This is actually a really good idea!

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Thanks I’m just waiting for entries now 😉

Don’t mind me entering from here. I run a Instagram page and I don’t mean to advertise but if you ever need some entries feel free to use my content along with my credit or course:





Are you able to get stuff off of YouTube. If yes I can give you footage from my channel.

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If you are crappie at landing use Ryan air to help


I have ios how can i record the video ??

Yes I will be able to. I just need confirmation from you that I can use them

If anyone has a instagram page or any social media link I can put them in the description. Your name and forum username will be put in the video and in the description.

I will enter! Great idea.

If anyone enters please upload it to Dropbox or Google drive and pm me the link to it. For some reason all the emails I get go in spam.

You have my permission

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Shou is not working. It is very glitchy and has this wired stuff that messes it up

Works for me.

Interesting @IF_Updates does one and no one cares about it.

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I am entering that

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everyone please read the bold post above

That’s because mines slightly different. Mine is a ‘TOP 5’ series on my channel, as well as some of the footage being used for background footage. Mine is any footage from the community, such as skilled landings, takeoffs, IF Movies, funny moments etc. It’s still up if anyone wants to use it.
There’s always gonna be competition, but I’ll do what I do. I have my own little community to assist with it too 😂

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Also, I understand you have something against me for whatever reason, but you don’t have to try and insult me and my work. I do it for the community. And, I’m doing pretty well.