IF community in-app banner

Hi guys,

I write this post because I see (for example) many Italian people flying in IF, but when I go to the forum to contact them and then add them to the Italian Community I don’t find their names, so I can’t add new members at the community!

I think it would be better if developers make a banner in the game where the forum will be publicized!! Also… Have new members in the forum is very nice, isn’t it??

What do you think guys??

[correct the category if this is wrong]


True, instead of the Flightcast or whatever comes up on the loading screen. A good idea!


I just moved it to Features as you’re requesting something :)
The Meta category is all about the forum itself…


Thank you @Adrien :)

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So you want the developers to put in the loading screen a publicity of the forum…

Some extra advertising for the forum ingame would be nice indeed.

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Yes @BrunoC why?

I think it would be best to put it in the meta category because it’s about the community.

A regular changed it in Features, but it’s right :)

Just to make that clear

Showing flightcast doesn’t help TS1 people join the community but having an IFC banner would be great.

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It is advertised on the loading screen if I remember correctly

It was advertised
A long time ago